ArmA Remote Admin is now completely free and will end it's service on the 31st of December 2020.

ArmA Remote Admin's premium features are available for free now, however it's service will approximately end in Q1 2020.
Please note that as of now the VPN detection is not functional. Before the end of it's service, we will be announcing a new tool that's entirely self-hosted, customizable, extendable and open source.

Thank you for using ArmA Remote Admin.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our support system.

ArmA Remote Admin is now free

The New ArmA Remote Admin Dashboard - Available For Everyone

ArmA Remote Admin is the go-to tool for ArmA server operators. Whether you're an established community or a forming one looking for the software required to power your project, ArmA Remote Admin has got your back.
Whether you want to enforce a whitlist, remove players with proxies/VPNs from your server, add reserved slots, allow other administrators to access your remote console without having to give them the password or reboot your server on software failure, ArmA Remote Admin is able to provide you with the tools your need both on desktop PCs and mobile phones.

Managable from everywhere and by everyone

ArmA Remote Admin's dashboard is responsive and available both on desktop PCs and mobile phones. Remotely manage your server and access it from whereever you are or share certain permissions with administrators and moderators.
With ArmA Remote Admin you are able to provide members of your community with exactly the tools you want them to use.

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Server Setup
Tired of installing ArmA 3 servers yourself? ArmA Remote Admin takes care of everything from downloading the latest files over installing all Visual C++ Redistributables to setting up your BattlEye

Server Updates
Update your gameserver with the click of a button to the newest version of ArmA 3

Create automatic restarts for your server and execute certain events at specific times

System Failure Handling
Automatically restart your server when it becomes unavailable

Metrics History
View up to 3 days of metrics in detailed charts (includes FPS/CPS and object/player count)

Server Interaction
Start/Stop/Restart your gameserver with the push of a button from everywhere

Remote Console
Access the remote console, send messages and kick/ban players

Permission Sharing
Add administrator accounts and adjust permissions depending on your needs

Integrated Steam® Workshop Support
Install/Update workshop mods from the webinterface directly onto your server

Proxy Detection
Detect players with proxies/VPNs automatically and remove them from the server

Whitelist Support
Restrict access to your server via a whitelist

Reserved Slots
Create dedicated slots reserved for certain players

Live Metrics
View accurate metrics in real-time

User Account Validation
Automatically remove players from your server that do not meet certain criteria such as played hours, account creation date and more

Allow players to register in a queue when trying to join your full server and only allow the first in queue to join once a slot is available

View the activity log of your server and be notified of every kick, ban, message, unban, restart and more